KGC treasure KGC treasure Jesse James Treasures Down Under ? I finally got around to photographing a few articles from a scrapbook that was given to me in 2007 after my interview about William C. "Bloody Bill" Anderson appeared in the Brownwood Bulletin newspaper. The title of the scrapbook is Jesse James Treasures Down Under ? It contains newspaper articles about the 1992 search for Jesse James' safe in Waco, Texas. 197643784 Search for Jesse James Safe in Waco Part 1 of an article from the "Jesse James Treasures Down Under" scrapbook. 197643785 Part 2 - Jesse James Safe Part 2 of the article about the search for Jesse James safe in Waco in 1992. 197643786 Article 2 - Jesse James Safe - Waco, Texas 1992 197671662 Article 2 - Page 2 - Jesse James Safe 1992 - Waco, Texas 197671663 Orvus Lee Howk article. Written by Del Schrader who was Howk's co-author of "Jesse James Was One of His Names". 144379410 Orvus Lee Howk article - part 2 144887689 Tennessee Depository Map This map was made by Orvus Lee Howk aka Jesse James III. This fascinating map was contributed by Dewey Millay. 152740634 KGC Wolf Map 186778836