Knights of the Golden Circle


Step 1 in Hunting for KGC Treasure

Posted by Jay Longley on July 8, 2017 at 12:40 AM

A lot of hours goes into researching each of these possible KGC members to determine whether or not they were members of the secret organization but if one is to be successful in hunting for depositories, it's part of the essential groundwork that must be done. I often get emails and phone calls from people who are just beginning the hunt and they almost always want to know the first steps they should take. I always give them the same answer. First of all, they need to research all the residents of their own towns and counties during the time period from the end of the Civil War to 1916 to see if their area or any other nearby area, that they suspect may hold KGC treasure, had any KGC members or organization in them. After all, if an area never had any KGC members in it, the chance that it would hold a KGC treasure vault is virtually zero. A depository site had to have a group of members to, first, construct the depository vault, which could take weeks or months depending on the amount of laborers they had working on it, it had to have a source, KGC members, to transport and deposit the treasure in the underground vaults, and then there must be other members to serve as sentinels to keep watch over the site. These depositories were basically underground banks that were used to store valuables for an illegal organization (the KGC) and they were treated as such by those who deposited the gold, silver, jewels, and priceless religious artifacts in them. The KGC was no more likely to leave one of them unguarded, during their lifetimes, than a banker would leave his bank unguarded. I'm attaching a photo of Maj. John Young Rankin, C.S.A., KGC and also one of the famous drawing of a group of Knights of the Golden Circle fo our Photos section.

~Jay Longley

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