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KGC Tunnel Networks Under Many Towns

Posted by Jay Longley on November 1, 2017 at 7:05 PM

Those of you who have closely followed my research over the years probably know that we have proven that the Knights of the Golden Circle had a system of tunnels under my hometown of Brownwood in rural central Texas.  Jesse Woodson James aka J. Frank Dalton said that many other towns and cities had these tunnel networks underneath them. 


The following is a quote I took from: "Jesse James and the Lost Cause" by Jesse Lee James, Published by Pageant Press, New York, 1961, pages 34 & 35.

"..."Yet another branch of our secret army was a corp of engineers that

could build bridges, build rock buildings, and do most anything.

They could and did construct secret underground passages right under

bustling cities. They built secret tunnels down under Nashville and

Memphis, Tennessee, St. Louis, Kansas City and St. Joseph, Missouri,

Lawrence, Kansas and under Pueblo and Colorado City, Colorado, and

other towns; too many to name right now. These secretly constructed

tunnels, rooms, escape routes and storage rooms underneath the

surface of the ground were built without Yankee troopers and Federal

detectives ever finding out they were being made by well trained and

experienced workmen.

"Even in that day, when men were working for a dollar or a dollar and

a half per day for ten and twelve hours labor, we were paying our

men, for mining and tunneling, a wage rate of ten dollars per day.

"How did we do it?

"Well, I'll tell you how. Most generally, we would start tunnels

which would connect some of our business houses, such as our own

saloons, gambling houses, livery stables and even the jailhouses

would connect. Because our men were in the offices of public

officials, such as mayors, sheriffs, marshals, congressmen, senators,

school teachers, and principals, tunnels were down and under our

breweries, distilleries, and schools, and with the excuse that beer

needed to be aged, we had to age our whiskey in charred kegs.

"Some of our relay stations and even ranch and farm houses were

almost built like forts, and had tunnels down and under them

connecting the houses underground to the barns and escape routes, or

hatches in and out. We had to have at least two entrances, or means

of entry, or escape.

"So many places advertised across the country, `Jesse James' Cave'!

That is bunk! Yes, we may have had to use a few caves here and there

to hold our horses, or even to sleep in occasionally, that would be

true enough, but if there was only one entrance, and we were stupid

enough to get ourselves cut off, that would have been bad. If we

used a cave with only one entry, you could be sure that we kept a

constant guard posted around outside all the time. If the cave

should have two or more entrances, then we would feel safe, and use

it over and over again," said Jesse..."



If you have evidence of a KGC tunnel network underneath your town, please comment below or you can email me at: [email protected]

Jay Longley

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