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Update on America Unearthed gpr "Hit"

Posted by Jay Longley on July 19, 2014 at 8:20 PM

I was driving on Fisk Avenue in Downtown Brownwood this week when I passed the parking lot where Scott Wolter and his ground penetrating radar operator said that the gpr had indicated an anomaly that could have been a tunnel was 2.5 feet under the strip of grass beside the concrete parking lot. I noticed that there was a dark patch in the grassy area about where they had drawn off a rectangular section with orange spray paint before I arrived on the scene to film part of the Brownwood segment. The dark patch seemed to be the same size as the small area that had been spray painted so I drove behind the lot on Pecan Street, parked my car, and walked over to take a closer look. Sure enough, the ground had been disturbed sometime in the past few months but it was long enough in the past that some weeds had started growing over it where only grass had been the day we shot the segment. The rest of the small strip still was covered with the grass, just as it was last September.

As I said before, I never witnessed the gpr running so I can't say whether or not it was ever turned on during the 11 hours I was with the crew. I was always kept away from the gpr operation. The small area that had been outlined in orange paint was not over the spot where I believe the front loader operator's equipment had fallen through the tunnel entrance years ago. I believe that spot was under the concrete parking area and not under the grassy strip.

While Scott Wolter used the time period necessary in obtaining the proper permits to dig in the alleged gpr location as an excuse not to dig and see what, if anything, was 2.5 feet down, apparently someone else didn't need an excuse not to dig. Someone has dug up the spot fairly recently. Now the big question is who did it? By the way, permits have never been required to dig on private property downtown and I knew when Scott and the gpr operator started discussing that on camera, that it was just a dodge but it was not my place to object to the way he directed his own show.


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