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Facts about My Appearance on America Unearthed

Posted by Jay Longley on May 25, 2014 at 4:05 PM

The Truth About My Appearance on America Unearthed: Lincoln's Secret Assassins - Season 2

In the months leading up to the filming of this episode, I was in regular contact with Committee Films and I spent many hours providing them with factual information regarding John Wilkes Booth's reported stay in Brownwood in 1871, Jesse Woodson James aka "J. Frank Dalton", Henry Ford of Brownwood, the locations of several entrances to the KGC Tunnel Network under Downtown Brownwood, and many other topics which they said they were interested in.  Most of that information and more can be found on this website.  I was with the crew in Downtown Brownwood for 11 hours in September 2013. Much of it was while being recorded as I gave as much information about the subjects as I could. They promised that they would return to Brownwood to do a much more detailed account but when the show aired in February, I was truly disappointed in the results. They made it look like I believed that our Henry Ford was Jesse James, which I don't believe and which I told them I didn't believe. I also told them that I believed "J. Frank Dalton" was and why. We spent a lot of time as I detailed the circular route of the KGC Tunnel Network under Downtown Brownwood too but when the show was edited, they took out the top half of the route which included me saying that one tunnel went from the Old County Jail (Museum) across Main Street to the old Ford School. My tunnel route was confirmed when Scott Wolter and I took a trip during a break in the filming to visit the Courthouse and the Old Jail. Nick, the Museum manager, took us under the old jail and showed us exactly where the tunnel was and it clearly led precisely to where I had told Scott it did. I didn't have my camera with me but Scott took some photos of it with his. After the show aired, I wrote to one of the contact people with the film production company that makes America Unearthed for the History Channel and asked for Scott Wolter's email address because I wanted him to send me some copies of the photos he took of the tunnel entrance. I never heard back from them again. Also, in the program, Scott says that they left the ground penetrating radar operator and equipment with me. That is simply not true. I met the gpr operator when he arrived from Ft. Worth about lunchtime as Scott, the sound and film crew and I were about to take a lunch break and he began scanning some of the areas while we were at lunch and when we were filming in other locations downtown so I never got to see him actually using the machine. Scott and the crew continued filming me until an hour or so after the gpr man had left to return to Ft. Worth late that afternoon. Their filming of the descendent of Gen. Joseph Shelby didn't happen until a day or two after they had shot the Brownwood part of the episode.  Scott Wolter made several inaccurate statements during the episode.  Many of them were done after the filming during the "editing" process.   I made one very clear and non-negotiable stipulation when I finally agreed to meet with Committee Films for the show.  That was that I would not say anything that I didn't believe was true or accurate and they assured me that they didn't want me to and that they would portray my statements accurately. Well, that's not the way it turned out but a few good things did come out of doing the show. One was that it put a brief spotlight on our town and county and another is that every time the show reruns, the viewership of our affiliated KGC and Bloody Bill Anderson websites skyrocket. Needless to say, I won't be doing any more tv shows based on our work here in the foreseeable future. I will say whatever I want the public to know about my beliefs about the KGC, Bill Anderson, Jesse James, and anything else on this message board, on the sites, and on other sites on the Internet. I may do some YouTube-type videos in the future but I haven't decided that yet. - My Yahoo group where we have been researching these topics since 2008.

Jay Longley

Brownwood, Texas

[email protected]

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Reply MtnboySCV
10:05 PM on June 29, 2014 
The revisionists want to shape every story to fit as close to their agenda as they possibly can. The only way you could have been certain of the accuracy is to edit the story yourself which they would never consider.
Reply Jay Longley
4:23 PM on June 30, 2014 
MtnboySCV says...
The revisionists want to shape every story to fit as close to their agenda as they possibly can. The only way you could have been certain of the accuracy is to edit the story yourself which they would never consider.

I totally agree with you.